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Our mission is to connect businesses with consumers through conversation while providing value and usefulness.

How Is CallX Different?

Customers are connecting with businesses by phone more often than ever before. Each month CallX’s Media Buying Team spends millions of dollars on media across traffic sources such as Google, Bing, and Facebook.

While other companies focus on call duration to determine success, CallX believes that there is a better way to define success. Instead of focusing on call duration, CallX uses its proprietary AI-powered call tracking & analytics platform to buy the media that generates actual sales for its Advertisers. This means greater ROI for CallX Advertisers.

At CallX, we have moved beyond call duration.


The Principles That Guide Us

  1. We Believe that all calls are not created equal.
  2. We Believe profit should come second to our customer’s happiness.
  3. We Believe that calls are the most valuable leads. Period.
  4. We believe that our reputation is everything.
  5. We believe that transparency is paramount to success.

CaIIX Can Help You

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New customers over the phone.



Text and voice conversations



Call marketing performance



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