CallX is your personal media buying team

Cut out the middle man go direct to the traffic source

Changes to campaigns take minutes not days or weeks

Media Buying

CallX is an internal media buying team that  utilizes its proprietary call routing technology to  deliver inbound calls to its advertisers on a 100% performance basis. CallX generates thousands of calls for its advertisers each day through multi-channel distribution via Search, Social Media, text, Display, Video, and Mobile Marketing.  With a combined 30 years of experience in online marketing, the CallX Management Team is focused on creating a simple, fast, and effective media buys that delivers quality inbound calls for our advertisering partners. CallX’s team of digital marketing experts leverage proprietary CallX call tracking and smart routing technology to deliver unparalleled consumer targeting across numerous verticals.


  • Big Data  Callx has millions of dollars invested in keyword terms w, allowing us to match up media buys with our advertising partners custom campaigns
  • Optimized ads across a myriad of verticals which typically results in a plug and play for a majority advertising partners
  • Changes to campaigns take minutes not days or weeks
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Direct feedback loop


Why Direct Advertisers and Agencies Choose CallX

  • Campaigns are optimized based on sales data to ensure we meet or exceed our customers cost per new customer metrics
  • Zero fraud!!! You are working with our internal media team and partners. We do not broker out your custom campaign or purchase calls from 3rd party companies.
  • Quality control is imperative to our reputation. We do not use 3rd party affiliate marketing networks to drive calls
  • Multi-channel distribution via Mobile Search, Social Media, Display, Video, and SEO
  • Google and Facebook certified partners

With CallX you cut out the middle man and go straight to the traffic source.

Stop paying for clicks or calls that do not convert. Our reputation is based on results. Customers choose Callx due to transparency, campaign optimization based on sales data, advanced call routing data, keywords analytics and years of experience. Experience the CallX difference today, let the CallX Management Team  create customized call campaign that uses internal media buying to produce results!


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