What is Lead to Call Automation?

As a Certified Google AdWords Partner with over 20 years of search marketing experience, the CallX media buying team is focused on delivering true performance for its advertisers. Although call duration is typically used to price calls in the pay per call marketing industry, we do things a little differently… and our competitors HATE us for it!

Powered by CallX ONE, our media buying team has a huge advantage. Sorry networks 🙁 Our technology allows our team to analyze thousands of keywords daily, measuring all aspects of campaign performance.

Are the calls being generated delivering actual sales for the advertiser or are they garbage customer service calls? CallX ONE has the answers.


How Does Lead To Call Automation Work?

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Connect With Consumers Through SMS

AThe fact is that a human customer service agent (that speaks good English, of course) delivers a better user experience than a robotic IVR. But I know what you’re thinking… “staffing a call center is expensive.” Yes it is. So what?

At CallX, our primary concern is providing the best possible calls to our clients. This means doing proper pre-qualification. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen robo IVRs hang up on good customers or take the caller down a path of keypress hell.

Now we also know that not all advertisers do a good job at prequalification and turn a lot of potential customers away. This is why CallX provides a standardized prequalification experience to its advertisers. This way, if the advertiser can’t convert the caller, we know that it wasn’t because the caller wasn’t properly vetted.

CallX takes the guesswork out of the equation and delivers fully qualified customers.