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\n \n \nFrom the launch of the first search engine, Archie (in 1990) to Google becoming the king of search engines after 1996, searches typed into boxes looked pretty much the same. When you type a search term into a search engine, the phrasing was usually short and sweet using just a few keywords. An entire industry was created to try to find the best and fastest ways to trick the search engine into finding your site first using search engine optimization techniques. \nBot Assistants Are Changing The Game \nBut now, that\'s all changed thanks to the proliferation of bot assistants such as Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, and Cortana (Microsoft). Because here\'s the thing about searching with voice: even though the bots aren\'t human, we are — so we ask questions instead of just blurting out keywords. Think about it. Would you ask a friend, \"favorite Mexican restaurant\" and then just stare at them expectantly? Of course not. You\'d say, \"Hey, what\'s your favorite local Mexican place?\" You use a full sentence phrased as a question using natural language, not the stunted language of a typed search. \nIn 2013, Google\'s voice search function was only 80% correct. Today it\'s greater than 95% and on track to reach its goal of 99% accuracy. In addition, according to Digital Marketing Magazine, \"Google is giving extra engineering priority to voice search with not just more queries surfacing for ‘Featured Snippets’ but utilizing artificial intelligence to take a long sentence or paragraph from a relevant page on the web and extract the relevant information you’re looking for.\" \nVoice Search ≠ Text Search and It\'s NOT Just About Clicks \nNow, searches are all about syntax. And here is the most important detail of all: no one is clicking on websites from voice searches.  \nIf an action is taken from the results of a voice search, chances are it will be a calling a phone number instead of clicking on a link. This means if you\'ve optimized your site for keywords but you haven\'t made it easy to make a phone call from your site (for instance, hiding your phone number in tiny text at the very bottom of your \"Contact Us\" form), you\'re going to start to lose potential customers because you haven\'t properly optimized your site for either mobile or voice search. \nIt\'s All About Mobile \nNearly 60% of ALL web searches are now coming from mobile devices — and Google reported six months ago that 20% of searches are voice search based, and that number is expected to keep rising as the bot assistants improve their functionality. This has led to Google testing \"mobile - first indexing\" meaning using mobile data as a priority in ranking SERPs.  \nThis means if your site isn\'t yet mobile optimized you will likely be further downgraded in the search results — the opposite of what you want for your business. \nHow Voice Search Drives Calls \nAs more searches are initiated by voice search, the primary medium for connecting the advertiser to the ...
\n \n \nNo interaction between a company and a prospect converts more highly than voice-to-voice discussion. Your customers are on mobile devices and they are looking for your company or products. So what are you currently doing to reach your customers on mobile devices? CPC advertising just doesn\'t cut it anymore. CallX knows the #1 best way to reach these customers is using Pay Per Call campaigns.
\n \n \nWe could not be more excited to be a sponsor of, the first and best conference for call marketing! Join us February 6-7th at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco to engage, network, and learn more about the call marketing industry. 
\n \n \nChances are you received this email from Google Adwords last week:
\n \n \nLead to Call Automation refers to a system and method for turning data leads into high intent inbound phone calls. \nCallX\'s Lead to Call Automation solution uses advanced outbound dialing and SMS messaging patterns based on predictive modeling and behavioral analytics, connecting with the lead at precisely the right time.
\n \n \nConsumers often feel comfortable buying plenty of items online. However, one area consumers are more hesitant to purchase online is health insurance. There are so many layers to buying health care insurance, and sorting through options like prescription plans and deductibles can be incredibly frustrating to figure out online. As a result, health care shoppers often click to call to speak with an insurance agent. Consumers often need personal assistance, and the phone is a critical point of contact in the sales process.

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