For Advertisers:

Stop wasting time and money chasing down dead-end web leads. CallX’s proprietary call marketing and analytics platform turns mobile and web traffic into live, pre-screened phone calls. Generate new customers quickly and cost effectively with CallX. We offer an easy pay-as-you-go model with no contracts or long term commitments.

Simple as 1-2-3

1- Create your campaign hours of operation, geographic filters, budget, and how much you want to bid per call.

2- Our team of digital marketing experts will begin generating calls for your product service through mobile and web click-to-call campaigns.

3- Calls will be pre-qualified and transferred to your call center – pay only for calls that match your criteria!

For Publishers:

Tired of paper thin margins and having to waste thousands of dollars promoting unproven offers? CallX’s call marketing platform utilizes enhanced call weighting and routing algorithms to deliver the right call to the right buyer in milliseconds, maximizing Publisher earnings. CallX uses Big Data Analytics to effectively maximize publisher yield, providing unparalleled ROI.

To get started:

1- Apply to be a publisher in the CallX Marketplace

2- Upon account approval, apply to promote a campaign- we’ll give you a couple pointers on how to choose a campaign as well as how to get started.

3- Once you are approved to run a campaign, simply create a promo number and set up your ad campaign- then sit back and watch the earnings roll in!